LOMS Webinar 21.03.2019

Introduction to the TwinSmile LOMS software by Mr. Vanik Kaufmann – master dental technician with his own laboratory

Mr. Vanik Kaufmann – master dental technician and co-developer of the LOMS software explains in his interactive presentation the functions of the TwinSmile LOMS software and answers questions of interested dental technicians and dental etchings. Topics covered include:

  • Daily work with the LOMS software in laboratory and practice
  • Experiences and applications of LOMS
  • Ipload and process orders personalized by the dental technician
  • Invite dentists
  • Save and archive executed jobs

Understanding and using the LOMS software in the lab, benefits of LOMS software in daily lab work. Optimization of communication between dental technician and dentist with the help of LOMS